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As a Certified Perma-Treat Pro we offer the best tile, grout and stone cleaning, repairing and Perma-Treat sealing service in the Puget Sound Area—you get special one-on-one attention.

Perma-Treat Pro has the solution for every clean, repair and sealing need.

Natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine, and slate (especially countertops) are susceptible to stains, bacteria and residue build-up. With everyday use surfaces absorb these contaminants and general household cleaning cannot get them out.

Professional  tile cleaning and proper sealing will prevent stain and bacteria build-up making contaminants easy to wipe or wash away by the homeowner.

A ONE TIME application to your tile or stone surface with Perma-Treat Pro is an investment on your investment, extending the life and beauty of your surfaces. Your surface will be easier to clean, easier to keep clean and look beautiful for longer. We even put it in writing with a 15 year warranty! No more re-sealing EVER!

Save hundreds of dollars with simple repairs, granite care and maintenance, and a professional cleaning, there is still beautiful tile or stone under there, don't tear it out—just let Perma-Treat Pro reveal it and seal it to keep it that way. See our Photo Gallery
Our services and products include: Tile, grout, caulking, all natural stones (interior and exterior) cleaning, repairing and Perma-Treat sealing. That includes kitchens, bathrooms, floors, showers, countertops, backsplashes, walkways, patios and so much more!

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We are not just another clean, repair and seal service, we are Flooring Contractors - bonded and well insured! Our customers are really important to us, and our friendly staff makes certain you are 100% satisfied and your home is well cared for and respected. Learn more about our story "About Us"
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